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The LinePrint program

The LinePrint program allows you to print formatted text files on your printer.  LinePrint is ideal for printing out hardcopy versions of your source code for walk thru and technical reviews.  There are two versions of the LinePrint program: a version with a GUI based interface and a console/command line version.

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Both versions feature:

Printing ASCII files which are line feed, carriage return, line feed/carriage return and null terminated
Print portrait or landscape
Include headings
Include line numbers
Green bar format (user specified number of lines)
Duplex printing
Convert tabs to spaces (user specified number of spaces)
Automatically wrap long lines
Change the font size (user specified font size)
Margin from the top and left of the page (user specified margin)
Print with defaults by dragging the desired file to the LinePrint icon

The GUI version of the LinePrint provides a comfortable Windows interface:

User setting are automatically stored in the registry
Uses the file dialog to help search for and open files
Remembers the last 10 files printed
Provides access to on-line documentation

The console/command line version of the LinePrint program provides all the functions of the GUI version with the speed and control of a command line utility:

All the settings have defaults
All the settings can be overridden using command line switches
Runs in the console window without the over head of the GUI
Excepts long file names
Displays command line help

Both versions of the LinePrint program come packaged in the same installation utility, therefore, you can choose the version that works the best for you.

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