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The Picture Viewer program

The Picture Viewer program was designed to make viewing electronic pictures simple and easy.  The program is especially helpful when viewing pictures taken with digital cameras.

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The Picture Viewer will:

Allow you to open JPEG's quickly and easily.
Display a list of pictures in the current directory.
View the picture and maintain it's aspect ratio, fit to screen, and full size.
Move from the current picture to the next with the click on one button.
Print a full size picture on the printer both portrait and landscape.
Copy the currently selected picture into the clipboard.
Drag-n-Drop image files from Explorer to the Picture Viewer program icon will automatically load and display the picture.
The Picture Viewer can now display JPEG images (jpg), Bitmaps (bmp), Icons (ico), Enhanced Metafiles (emf) and Metafiles (wmf).
The open file dialog now displays a preview of an image before it is loaded.
The size and location of the display area is now stored.  When the program re-starts these settings are restored. 
The last file displayed is not stored in the file menu so that it can be easily re-loaded the next time the Picture Viewer is run.

icodownl.gif (151 bytes) Download a free 30 day trial / Order Now.

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