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MP3 Editor

The MP3 Editor was designed to make taking care of naming and editing information regarding MP3 music files simple and easy.  Features include: deleting, renaming, moving, editing version 1 tag information and editing version 2 tag information.  The program also lends itself nicely to importing MP3's from a temporary download folder or rip folder and moving them into a permanent storage area.

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The Time Line Program

The Time Line program was designed to keep track of basic time sheets. It was not designed to replace your time and billing software, but to add additional functionality and increase your productivity. Every time you start a new project for a client, simply start the Time Line program first. The program allows you to start a timer and then run other Windows programs, DOS applications, and even turn off the computer. No matter what you do, the timer will stay running. The personal version of the Time Line program allows you to run one timer, save the current timer’s information into a database, print a time sheet, and print a consolidated report.

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The LinePrint program

The LinePrint program allows you to print formatted text files on your printer.  LinePrint is ideal for printing out hardcopy versions of your source code for walk thru and technical reviews.  There are two versions of the LinePrint program: a version with a GUI based interface and a console/command line version.

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The Depreciation Program

Computes straight line depreciation for real estate, furniture and fixtures, computer equipment and etc.  The program is designed to maintain multiple general ledger accounts and can provide reports for monthly and yearly depreciation schedules.

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Picture Viewer

The Picture Viewer program makes it simple and easy to view and print pictures stored on your computer.  Pictures can be divided up into sub-directories and viewed in groups.  The program allows you to simply click on a button and move to the next picture.

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The Phone Book Program

The Phone Book Program is a simple to use to phone book that allows to to keep lists of names, phone numbers and address. A unique feature of the phone book program is that it allows you to apply category or label codes to each entry in any book and allows you to print out only those entries with the specified label.

Download a demo version now:  icodownl.gif (151 bytes) Beta Demo of the Phone Book program.


The Check Register Program

The Check Register program is designed to allow you to balance your check book quickly and easily. The program allows you to create categories and log checks to these categories. A month end or year end summary report can be generated which shows the distribution of cash in each category. This is a great report to submit to your accountant or tax preparer.

The DOS version of the Check Register program is free, icodownl.gif (151 bytes) download a copy.


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