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The Time Line program

Welcome to the Time Line program.  The Time Line program was designed to keep track of basic time sheets. It was not designed to replace your time and billing software, but to add additional functionality and increase your productivity. Every time you start a new project for a client, simply start the Time Line program first. The program allows you to start a timer and then run other Windows programs, DOS applications, and even turn off the computer. No matter what you do, the timer will stay running. The personal version of the Time Line program allows you to run one timer, save the current timerís information into a database, print a time sheet, and print a consolidated report.

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The Time Line program will:

Keep track of a single task or event.
Pause/resume the current timer.
Maintain a list of clientele.
Maintain a list of task descriptions.    
Print the current timer.
Print a report based on a user specified date range.
Display selected information on the screen so it can be copied into the clipboard.
Simplify the chore of keeping tack of how long it takes to perform your daily tasks.
Display the Time Line screen as a thumb nail.

Below is an image of the main Time Line screen.


The main Time Line screen provides access to all of the functions within the Time Line program.  A thumb nail version of the Time Line screen can also be displayed.

The thumb nail screen provides the elapsed time of the current timer and allows the user to pause and resume the timer.

icodownl.gif (151 bytes) Download a free 30 day trial / Order Now.

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